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The sacred dance


You come in comfortable clothes and lay down on a mat where I will massage and move your body. It is also called a sacred dance that balances between stillness and motion, deep slow pressure and gentle rocking relaxation.


60 Minutes for 110.- / 90 Minutes for 160.- / 120 Minutes for 180.-




The fast fix


You do sports a lot and need somebody to work on your muscles? I am your guy. I will mostly work with trigger points techniques to relaxe the areas of your body you would like to have treated. You need to be able to breath through some painful periods but I promise, it's worth it.


40 Minutes for 88.-





Allow yourself to enjoy a special treat


This is a full body treatment where I will use my hands and fingers in combination with oil to relax your body and mind and also find trigger points which need loosening. You will fly high and feel yourself deeply.


90 Minutes for 220.-

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