This is a facilitators training. Learn how to hold space. If for yourself or for groups doesn’t matter. The inner dance energy school process is one that provides experiences and openings throughout the whole spectrum of what life is. It is based on the key of seven, the chakra system. You will be given deep insights in how to open the physical, emotional, mental and energetical bodies. You will learn about psychology and neuroscience and train to feel brainwaves and switch between different brain states. This will all take place in beautiful Interlaken, right next to the lake. Healthy veggie food, sauna, massage exchanges, asana and pranayama practice, meditations, qi gong, ba gua and music will be part of this yogic process.

Timeframe: 26.7.-31.7.2021

When do we start?

It would be perfect if you could arrive on the 25th in the evening. We'll start on the 26th early morning.

What does a usual day look at?

We'll usually wake up by 6.30am and start with Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Ba Gua from 7-9am. After breakfast we'll dive into the Energy School Process, experience the Inner Dance, have lunch around 1pm, be in nature, do massage workshops and eat dinner around 7pm. The evenings are a mixture between free time, innerdances, meditations, gongs and fire ceremonies.

Nature trips are planned and in general we'll go with the flow of the energy and the what the weather allows us to do.

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A summer's week to Expand and learn to facilitate

Who are the facilitators?

After holding the Energy School in the States, Brazil, the Philippines and in Switzerland Sev continues sharing this experiential knowledge. Together with his cousin Cle Mensch, Riccardo Sun and Robin Grey (links bellow) they are guaranteed to hold a powerful, transformational, loving space in Interlaken, Därligen right at the lakeside.

Who can participate and what does it cost?

If you feel drawn to it, it is for you. The Innerdance breaks the old structures of hierarchy and previous experience. We are all one and the same. The whole week including food and logging will cost 1818.- First come first serve, the number of participants is limited. Get in touch with Sev ( or 0793933345) and everything else will flow from there. 

What else is important?

Due to weather and other unforeseen waves life can through at us we take the liberty to adapt the program to the needs of the moment and the group energy.

The more you detox before the deeper the experience. Start one to two weeks before.

Bring enough t-shirts, you're going to sweat ;) Also bring some warm clothes. You never know.

Bring your instruments, your favourite crystals, totem, necklace and whatever you feel like needs to come with you.

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Wanna know more?

The Energy School is held in five parts that are holding the key of the seven chakras

Energy School Part I, Facilitator Training: learn to remember the Innerdance
Innerdance breaks many of the old patterns. One is the teacher student hierarchy. It’s not a top to bottom teaching but rather an instant activation of the master within. Growing into spiritual maturity means, that nobody knows better what you are and how to interpret your experience than yourself. It’s for you to remember something you already know. As soon as you trust it you will remember how to facilitate an innerdance. Holding space, being with what is with acceptance, compassion and understanding, seeing the wholeness in the part, seeing the cosmic connection beyond the personal story and experience is what we remember to be. We look inside to live the wakeful dream. As Carl C. Jung said: “He who looks outside, dreams; she who looks inside, awakes.”


Energy School Part II, Facilitator Training: opening the field to the wakeful dream
Everything is sacred but how do we help people to become aware of this? How do we create a space where this is experienced? When inside and outside are one, then how do we help the body to experience this sacred wave? How do we help it to open up to itself? To trust itself, so it can let go and merge with everything there is? What does it mean to hold space for someone experiencing the wakeful dream? How can we help the dreamer to dive deeper into the wakeful state? How do we work with the physical body and how can we connect it to the non-physical bodies?
These questions will be in the center of Part II. 

Energy School Part III, Facilitator Training: learn about the waves and the music
Music is the fundamental supporter of the innerdance. It’s all about waves and music is loaded with waves. We can play with these waves to create a space in which it is easier to dive into the space inbetween the spaces, where it all opens up. We will look at the two waves that weave into each other and create a space that some people call awakening. Afterwards you will know how to create a playlist for the innerdance.

Energy School Part IV, Facilitator Training: facilitate the process
The next step is to look at the outside and experience it inside. We will do partner work, where you will face things facilitators face when they allow themselves to be the tool for someone else and see the oneness in this experience. It’s about awakening the inner healer. Realizing that we know what we don’t know means that our bodies know how to heal themselves. We will look at how to awaken the inner healer, how to trust intuition to let it guide our bodies to be used by the space to facilitate processes of healing and awakening.

Energy School Part V: Summary, questions & answers and how to close the circle
You guys will be fully immersed into remembering by that point in time. Information will be organized, questions will be expanded, answers will be integrated and we will learn how to honor a process by bringing it full circle and bless it with gratitude and love, as in the end it is all about that: Love and light. By then so much energy will be in the space that we will want to share it. We shall hold space together for each other and many other beautiful souls coming to lay down and experience the wakeful dream in the open class fallowing the Energy School. 

More about the facilitators: